106th Infantry, 424th Regiment, Co G Morning Reports

Follow the link below to see the G Co Morning Reports from Sept 4, 1944 through July 22, 1945.

On July 22,1945 Pfc Willard Keeber was transferred to the 393rd Engineers SS Regiment CE, Co E, 2nd Battalion in Arles, France. The Company was preparing to move out for the planned invasion of Japan. However, VJ Day intervened on August 15, 1945. On August 18, 1945, 393rd, E Co started the move to Marseilles, France and boarded a ship at 1100 hours the next day, August 19 and arriving in Boston Harbor on August 29, 1945.

These records were provided to me by Golden Arrow Research who we hired to trace my father’s service with the 106th Infantry Golden Lions. He was kind enough to follow through with records all the way to his discharge from the 393rd Engineers on October 25, 1945.

I cannot recommend Golden Arrow Research highly enough.  They can be reached at http://www.goldenarrowresearch.com. They provided information I never imagined was available when we were told his military records had been lost in the fire at the St. Louis Archive.


Keeber daily unit records



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